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    Free CV Template - download most important yet basic CV

    Looking for a new opportunity? but you have no CV or needing improvement?
    Listing your life achievements from scratch, writing a readable CV can seem like a climbing mt Everest! And even if you’ve had previous experience of writing CVs, you might still be making the mistake of using the same one for every job.

    We have created a most important yet basic CV to help you increase your chances of success – we’ve put together a handy free CV template.

    Download here: CV Template

    Sample Cover Letter

    Dear [name of practice manager] or sir/madam,

    I’m writing to express my interest in the Trainee Dental Nurse position you may have at your Practice.

    I attach my CV and you will see from this that I have commenced my study for the National Diploma in Dental Nursing Level 3 with the School of Dental Nursing which will lead to NEBDN qualification. I am now keen to find a position in a dental practice so I can gain practical experience and knowledge and complete my Record of Experience. 

    If there are no suitable positions at present, can you please keep my details for any future roles of this nature that become available at your practice?

    Many thanks for taking the time for reading my email.

    Yours sincerely,

     [your full name]

     [contact number]: