Frequently asked questions


Yes, it's free! This is because it is part of the service that we provide for our learners or trainees at the the School of Dental Nursing which has coverage across the UK.

Our aim is to connect employers and job seekers enabling Dental Practices to find the right candidate to join their team and to make the recruitment process as easy as possible for all.



No, the information on this website is provided as a courtesy. Dental Job online is not a career or a legal advisor and does not guarantee job offers or interviews.

Dental Job Online is operated by the School of Dental Nursing with many years’ of successful experience teaching both face-to-face and online Dental Nursing courses.

As part of the National Diploma course, it is essential to work in a Dental Practice to gain practical experience – this means that we always have enthusiastic and committed learners seeking to join the dental profession. We use this job platform to connect the dental practices and future dental to make the recruitment process easier and more effective, enabling employers to find the right people to add to their team.




Dental Practices are usually very busy and do not have time to even advertise their job vacancies and, in some cases, do not want to advertise the vacancies publicly. Recruiting practices can access our CV bank to find and select the most appropriate individuals to work with them. It makes the recruitment process efficient and effective.

Posting your details makes them publicly available to individuals and recruiters who subscribe to our CV bank; this means that in theory it could be viewed by your current employer and you may want your job search to remain confidential.

By completing all the sections of our’ Details Template’ which can be found in the ‘Work Availability’ section of your profile fully to ensure that you provide full information.  Additionally, it is important to produce a high-quality CV to increase your chances of being approached by a recruiter. We also recommend subscribing to our job alerts to ensure that you never miss a job in your area.


To enable recruiters to find suitably qualified job seekers quickly. It is especially useful for recruiters needing to fill a vacancy urgently, or if they do not want to advertise publicly. The main drawback for recruiters by solely using the CV bank is that it may restrict the number of suitable applicants compared with advertising on our website.